Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The best of @insidethebcs on Twitter

Here is a compilation of the most hillarious, truthful, and downright snarky responses to @insidethebcs on Twitter: (note: this list will be continously updated--feel free to email me any good quotes you find:

More updates 12/5/2009

plehnus: If @INSIDEtheBCS were an animal right’s activist... "Yes you keep getting bitten by your dog, but look at what cute puppies it can make!"

Josh1938: The fact that @InsidetheBCS still has to defend its legitimacy 11 years later tells you all you need to know. Even Democrats accepted Bush.

Marv_Carbonado: RT @BlkSportsOnline: You know your system sucks when you have to create a twitter @insidethebcs to defend how much it sucks

DukeOfDway: LOL RT @foz462 @Insidethebcs Silly BCS, computers are for porn, not for deciding national champions.

missshenna: @INSIDEtheBCS You are to college football as Ted Bundy is to women.

kingofallmikes: @INSIDEtheBCS you take the most pol. institution in sports and make it more political by adding a former Bush press secretary. really smart.

ArkSt_com: @INSIDEtheBCS please pass on Boise if they finish 12-0. I get giddy thinking about DOJ & Congress crushing you old school style.

OlPurdueCoach: Hey @INSIDEtheBCS! Isn't it a bit contradictory for you to have more than two followers on Twitter?

streyeder: So, @InsidetheBCS, can you explain why you continue to ruin College Football in under 140 characters?

seanew15: @insidetheBCS rationale: A playoff would be imperfect so lets stay w/ the even more imperfect system.

vikramj: @INSIDEtheBCS where we let old sports writers and crappy algorithms decide college football.

plehnus: @INSIDEtheBCS would conclude by reminding everyone that the previous Thanksgiving only one register was open making two a vast improvement.

plehnus: #ImThankfulFor @INSIDEtheBCS isn’t staffing grocery stores today- they’d only
have two registers open claiming more wouldn’t be as effective slmandel: Question for @InsidetheBCS: How do "bracket creeps" differ from your average, everyday creep?

andy_staples: Here, @insidetheBCS, I’ll explain. Pitt’s loss is to NC State, an ACC team. Whether Pitt wins Friday has no impact on the Big East race.

socalsmis: @ColoradoHawkeye, @slmandel, @insidethebcs, BCS recommends not wearing seatbelts in cars. Cause more wrinkles than saved lives.

BSUBronco: Dear @InsidetheBCS, How have U managed 2 piss off EVERYONE? Even we still have some supporters Signed, Kanye, ACORN, Barry Bonds, & the ACLU

steventhehawk: @insidethebcs Biggest BCS failure: Florida State over Miami in ‘00, or Oklahoma in any of their other championship appearances?

whelck: @INSIDEtheBCS The WAC is not in the BCS. How can you even "join the conversation" when you don’t know what you’re talking about?

jibowie: @insidethebcs Hey Ari Fleischer, which universally-hated trainwreck is harder to flack for: the Dubya Administration or the BCS?

snowpunter: @INSIDEtheBCS Every week is a playoff, so Utah at 13-0 should be NC over a 12-1 Florida, right? Oh wait, not in the BCS mythical fairyland.

Chad_Gardner: RT @insidethebcs Inside the BCS follows Big 10, Pac 10, etc. on twitter, but doesn’t follow @macsports. Why am I not surprised?

CGCassimus: @INSIDEtheBCS Why settle things on the field when a bunch of crinkly sportswriters, wacky algorithms, and busy coaches can do it just fine?

balllhog: Conceit-check; illogical arguments-check; embarrassing lack of knowledge of all things sports-check; we just verified @INSIDEtheBCS account

BCSEvolution: @INSIDEtheBCS Isn’t the fact that congress has a higher approval ranking than the BCS more reason to change than any possible legislation?

cloew: @INSIDEtheBCS Free advice: Unless you change the system, no amount of tweeting will improve our opinion of the BCS. Stop wasting your time

plehnus: Forgot to inform @INSIDEtheBCS what’s really critical during regular season: voting. Congrats, NCAA football is just like figure skating!

plehnus: #ImThankfulfor @INSIDEtheBCS doesn’t run elections. They’d rank all the candidates based on prestige or name and we’d end up with monarchy.

plehnus: Public would plead for an Oligarchy @INSIDEtheBCS would say no because someone might get excluded, and maintain the king is perfectly happy.

renmiked: @INSIDEtheBCS I hate when people want a conclusive outcome too. Stick to your guns and ignore the critics... Oh wait you already do.

DanWetze: Only bad PR campaign that compares to BCS’s is Bud Selig's attempt to take no responsibility for PEDs. Who's MLB's advisor? Ari Fleischer

plehnus: @INSIDEtheBCS where bracket creep is the new H1N1...

obnug: @murphsturph But we should all be thanking @INSIDEtheBCS for protecting us all from "bracket creep". I hear it’s terrifying and unmanageable

lozotweets: Bigger failure: @INSIDEtheBCS PR campaign, @NHL below Mason Dixon line, or @LAClippers franchise?

BSUBronco: BREAKING NEWS: The CDC & @InsidetheBCS project there will be huge shortages of Bracket Creep vaccine this Bracket Creep season. Stay tuned

renmiked: @INSIDEtheBCS perhaps you should have use @fishinabarrell instead of your current moniker.

Bobby_BigWheel: With Ari Fleischer in charge, @INSIDEtheBCS is now alleging that the playoff system got yellowcake uranium from Niger

BSUBronco: I hope @InsidetheBCS addresses the problem of Game Creep. In the 50s teams played 9 games. Now 13-14. I think we all know who the creeps are

nickystix: Listening to @InsidetheBCS defend itself is like listening to Steinbeck’s mentally disabled Lennie talk about the rabbits in "Of Mice & Men"

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